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Where Can I Find Damn Cheap Hotels?

If only it were that easy to just go to Hotels.com, Orbitz, or Travelocity and type in, “find me the damn cheapest hotels near me”.  Maybe we’ll make an iPhone application for that and we’ll all be able to ask Siri just that.  Not a bad idea actually, Siri would of course reply with something like; “I’ve used Damn Cheap Hotels dot com to check within a 5 block radius of your current location.  I’ve found the damned cheapest hotels available for you this evening.  Would you like me to connect you or do you just want to make the damn cheap reservation yourself?” 

So we are not there yet, but all it takes to find a damn cheap hotel reservation is to go to DamnCheapHotels.com.  Enter the city or destination of your choice and the dates that you are travelling.  Press search.  The system will send your requirements to our damn cheap hotel server, which updates the search real-time with all the hotels in the search area.

Secret Hotel Booking Sauce Recipe for Damn Cheap Hotels

Now here’s the secret sauce, we don’t exclude any hotels because sometimes these high dollar hotels drop up to 80 and even 85% off when they are desperate to fill rooms that are about to expire as unsold.  Next you’ll want to “SORT BY” the “Lowest Price”. You will be absolutely amazed at the hidden gems that populate the list.  For example, travelling to Austin Texas in November?  How does $6 per night at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Austin-Arboretum/Northwest sound to you? It's happened before and so have many other "believe it or not" rock bottom damn cheap room blowouts at the last minute.

The Homewood Suites, an all-suite Austin, Texas hotel is nestled right in the center of many points of interest and corporate offices. It provides spacious accommodations, complete with full kitchens and kitchen amenities.  It boasts a Guest Score of 4.5/5 based upon 3 guest reviews. So why in the world was it so damn cheap? 

Damn Cheap Hotel Guest Survey Said

Here’s what the guest reviews had to say: “The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly and the public areas were very clean and well kept. Getting ice was not easy as you have to go down to the front desk.” And; “Overall this hotel was a good experience. Staff was available when needed and generally friendly. Breakfast was not top-notch but was a little different each day. Room was very clean and the beds were comfortable. Asked to have TV fixed in one of the rooms and it was not resolved.” (DCH note: two TV’s in the room and one not working still qualifies as a damn cheap hotel deal for just $6). 

Sometimes hotels don’t have the resources to fix a tv or a microwave in the room immediately.  Maintenance staff at smaller hotels are generally not on site 24x7 and rather than let a room go empty they’ll blow it out hoping that you eat in the restaurant or drink in the bar and they’ll make a little margin on your visit there rather than let the room go unsold.  So damn cheap hotels exist in every corner of the world, if you know where to look and how to search for the best rates.  Be sure to make Damn Cheap Hotels™ a regular site on your favorite travel bookmarks, and feel free to share your best and worst experiences with us so we can pass them along to the hotels.

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