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Just what Are Damn Cheap Hotels?

Everyone else calls it the "About Us" page. So to break with traditional, we thought we'd call it the "Just What" page. Damn Cheap Hotels™ has been around since 1997 when a single road warrior named Alex decided to start hundreds of his own private reviews of the cheapest hotels in the US. As a self-employed road warrior from Cleveland, Alex was out on the road 5 to 7 days a week. Sometimes he made some sales in his line of work and sometimes he played "hooky" and went fishing instead.

That necessitated that he find the damn cheapest hotels that he could in just about every city in the US that he traveled. At first he created some of his own reviews but later as he built out his website other travelers reviewed more hotels and the damn cheap review system took off. By 2012 the site had matured into a damn good place to find the cheapest hotels on the Internet and even cities all around the world. The original founder Alex lost interest in maintaining the site and Hotelligent of Austin, Texas, stepped in and acquired the business to take it to the next level.

Hotelligent™ Acquires DamnCheapHotels.com

Hotelligent already owns and operates hundreds of travel and booking sites around the world, but they didn’t own the damn cheapest hotel booking site on the Internet. And maybe just for nostalgic reasons we didn’t want to let Alex’s project with thousands of hard fought road miles and first-hand hotel guest reviews return to the web archives with a final closing chapter. We thought, why not continue to acquire hotel inventory and publish the damn cheapest hotels everywhere on the planet? A lofty goal but one that just needed to be done. And add to that a really robust set of hotel guest reviews so that potential guests could find the "best" damn cheap hotels. Trust us, no one wants to stay in the "worst" damn cheap hotels.

Everyone Likes Free Stuff or Damn Cheap Stuff

So we decided to throw some money at the project to revive it and bring it back to life. At first, our Board of Managers said, “What’s the revenue model for getting paid by these damn cheap hotels?” Many of them don’t even offer a commission; they just want a free listing. Sure, everyone wants a free listing, or a free lunch, or free college, free healthcare, or free something, right? But at prices starting at $4 USD per night, we argued to our Board that some of these hotels and hostels can’t even afford to pay a damn cheap commission. And if they gave us even a 5% commission on $4 USD (just 20 cents) room rate, it would cost our accounting department more to manage this damn silly process than we would earn. So free listings for the absolute cheapest of the damn cheap hotels made the cut with the Board.

Help Us Keep The Damn Cheap Hotel Servers Running

Of course there are other hotels in not so damn cheap major markets like Las Vegas, London, New York City, Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and many others that can afford to pay us a damn stingy commission. In Las Vegas anything under $30 a night is damn cheap for a hotel, and we’ll gladly accept their damn stingy $1.50 commission to help keep the damn cheap hotel servers up and running 24/7 to hold our record for the damn cheapest hotels on the Internet. The accounting department also gets to keep their in-office not so damn cheap fancy water distiller and purifier (sign on this “green” water distilling machine states “the pure water you are drinking is paid for through the generosity of Damn Cheap Hotel operators”). And the water from this machine is absolutely excellent. Recall the movie “Waterboy” with Adam Sandler. The water from our in-house H2O distillery tastes like what must have come out of Waterboys’ ethereal blue bottle, it’s some very fine quality H2O.

Hotel Operators Drinking from Blue Bottles?

So something free like tap water contains all the essential qualities to be not just good, or great, but to be exceptional. And at Damn Cheap Hotels™, you’ll find some real hotel operators that might also be drinking from blue bottles and have for one reason or another priced their rooms just too damn cheap. You don’t always “get exactly what you pay for”; sometimes you get a whole lot more (and if you try sometimes, well you just might find, you get what you need"). Sure, we totally ripped that off from the Stones. We got tired of paying for a real marketing department so we need free stuff too.

Hidden Gems in the Damn Cheap Hotel Reviews

Read our damn cheap hotel reviews and look for the hidden gems that don’t make the mainstream hotel booking sites because their commission payments are too small or because they don’t even pay a commission. You’ll be glad you did. And please, if you’re happy with your choices, share our site with friends by hitting the Google Plus 1 button. Help us to preserve the heritage of the original road warrior Alex from Cleveland that tested the good, the bad, and even the ugliest of the damn cheap hotels, which started the damn cheap hotel tradition of making fine quality H2O for our accounting folks and for the Wizard.

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