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Secrets Of The Damn Cheapest Of Hotels

The damn cheapest hotels are often hostels or dormitory style facilities with shared common areas, great for backpackers, singles, cross-country travelers, and lifestyle budget travelers.  Sometimes hostels are harder on families due to the social setting and reduction in privacy in the common areas. 

These cheapest of all accommodations can range from just a few dollars to $10 to $20 per night depending upon your needs for included amenities.  If your lifestyle can adapt to an alternative travel experience there is a lot of cultural advantage and community that results from travelling in the Damn Cheapest Hotels and Hostels. 

Damn Cheap Hotels and Hostels are Better Than You Think 

You do; however, want to be absolutely certain that your damn cheapest hotel or hostel is;

1) in a safe area of the city, and;

2) reviewed well by other guests for cleanliness and upkeep, and;

3) has been established long enough to have developed a mature management process that can get you checked in and out without waiting in an unstaffed lobby for hours, and;

4) it’s even better if its family owned and operated. Family owner operators generally care about each individual guest experience and hope that the guest will consider returning and recommending the establishment to their friends, and finally;

5) book your stay with a reputable booking site like DamnCheapHotels.com that specializes in cheap hotels, unsold hotel rooms, last minute deals, and late room availability.  You'll benefit from their experience and if you encounter a problem you can phone their Hotel Booking Specialists to seek assistance to help resolve an issue in your favor.

Do a bit of research using the hotel guest review tools on the Damn Cheap Hotels™ website and you’ll be able to book a damn cheap hotel room or suite with better information and thereby reduce or nearly eliminate the risk of an unpleasant stay.

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