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How Do I Book A Damn Cheap Hotel?

Its not as damn easy as you might think.  If it was, everyone would be doing it, right?  They’d just pick up the phone and call their travel agent or Hotels.com and bark out “give me a damn cheap hotel rate please”.  Not sure that that would be very effective, or even reasonable to the folks in the travel call centers working on commission that have to answer calls from those without the penthouse means or the fat wallets.  So we built a website to do that for you.  You don’t have to curse at anyone on the phone, you don’t even have to like to curse at people in general, it helps if you want something for almost nothing and you want to be able to do it fast and easy with the cheapest of expectations.

Four And Five Star Hotels With Crazy Low Specials Are Real

Damn Cheap Hotels acquires inventory from thousands of hotels around the world and ranging from hotels and hostels at just a few dollars a night right on up to 4 and 5 star hotels with crazy low specials. Even luxury hotels have inventory anomalies where the hotel manager would rather put someone in the room and get them in the hotel to spend money on other services, than to let the room go vacant and unsold. 

Browse on over to DamnCheapHotels.com, enter your travel city, your travel dates and hit “search”. When your search results come up, use the “Sort By” feature at the top of the results to get the results listed by the lowest priced hotels first. Use the "Hotels On Sale" and "Added Value" searches under "Promotions" on the left sidebar of the search results to get hotels with seasonal, holiday, and promo deals. These are the damn cheap hotels for the minute, hour, and sometimes day. 

Hang On To Your Chair, If It’s On Two Legs, Put It On Four 

You’ll find remarkable deals starting at just a few dollars, mostly “last rooms available” and select specials.  And if you’ve ever hung up from a major airline with a screaming deal on the last two seats on the plane, just to check with a travel partner and call back to find out the deal is gone and the next plane is now filling at twice the price for the same trip and dates, you have experienced the vanishing speed of these last minute, late booking deals. 

Think of it like an auction, the price drops and a few select sites like DamnCheapHotels.com and Unsold-Hotel-Rooms.com get instant access to rock bottom rates and specials.  If you know where you are headed and have flexibility on the dates, check the rates often as they can change with a moment’s notice.

The Rest Is Easy, Proceed To A Secure Checkout

Just select your hotel room or hotel suite, agree to the terms of the booking and proceed to a secure check-out where you will be provided with a reservation number to record your booking. You'll receive a follow-up email sent to the email on your profile with everything that you’ll need to know to check-in to your hotel.


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