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Damn Cheap Hotels: Are They For Everyone?

So it isn’t entirely charity, although we do enjoy giving back a little something to the travel community that has been besieged by 5 star luxury, and penthouse rates that start at the sky and head straight for the moon.  Damn Cheap hotel rates start at the change in your pocket and head to the money left over in your jeans after a night of partying or a trip to SeaWorld. 

If you didn’t actually think about budgeting for a room on your trip then maybe you need a damn cheap hotel.  If your spouse kicked you off the sofa then maybe you need a damn cheap hotel.  If you got in your car and drove as far as you could with a broken gas gauge then maybe you need a damn cheap hotel.  And finally if you just want to get away with some friends for a serious road trip and don’t have much money to blow on the room, you probably need a damn cheap hotel.

We’re Damn Proud Of Our Cheap Hotel Portfolio

So we’re not for everyone, but were proud of the purpose we serve in the travel community, damn proud of our cheap hotel collection.  And we think that there is something here for most everyone from backpackers looking for $4 to $10 hostels and hotels, to casual travelers, commercial drivers, and road warriors needing a place to just crash for a few hours before resuming their job or their journey. And lets not forget the families and single vacationers that can take advantage of our inventory for the best last minute specials on heavily discounted 3, 4, and 5 star hotels at up to 80% off the ridiculous hotel rack rate. 

You’ll Find Some Really Damn Nice and Cheap Hotel Deals

Damn Cheap Hotels gets real time data feeds from hotels that offer close-outs on “last rooms available” and special pricing on unsold hotels rooms from our partner sites that we put up on DamnCheapHotels.com.  You’ll find some really damn nice deals on rooms in major US and overseas cities that go for over $100, and over $200 and night that we get from our partners at prices as low as $20 to $37 and up for nice clean rooms that normally after staying a week, you’d be hit with a $600 to $1000+ bill. 

Yes, you can find these damn cheap hotel deals if you’re just a little flexible on travel dates and amenities.  Would you stay in a $640 a night room on a top floor with a spectacular view in a 5 star hotel for less than $89 just because it was right across the ice machine (the rooms they hold back for emergencies and mistakes often get rented when the manager is headed for a bad month) and you happened to catch it that evening when it drops at up to 85% off the nosebleed rate? 

Most of us would, Earplugs are cheap. And no one likes to walk a quarter mile to the ice machine if you don’t have to. What about a nice clean hostel where you can meet new friends and have a shared kitchen dormitory style?  These exist all over Europe and we’ve catalogued them and reviewed them so you don’t have to guess at what you’ll be sleeping in –we include plenty of pictures to give you a feel for the hotel and its common areas. 

Damn Cheap Hotels Offers Something For Almost Everyone 

Backpackers, road warriors, frugal self-employed, travelling salespeople, single travelers, and budget minded family vacationers can all benefit from the unique enjoyment of scalping hotel rooms for pennies on the dollar.  It’s like a damn treasure hunt and if you want to travel light and book on short notice you’re sure to save a bundle of cash that you can put toward good use on the beach, sightseeing, feeding the family, and enjoying the culture without worrying about sticker shock when you check out of your hotel room.

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