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Always Read The Damn Cheap Hotel Reviews!

So now that you’ve found the damned cheapest hotels on the Internet, what do you do, just go at it and conduct a search and book a damn cheap hotel room?  Hell no, not if you’ve read any of our other helpful tips and methods to book a damn cheap hotel room or suite.  In real estate there is a saying “location, location, location”.  Something similar applies to cheap hotels, really cheap hotels, extremely cheap hotels, and especially; damn cheap hotels.  But instead the mantra is “check reviews, check reviews, check reviews”. 

Scholars And Hotel Aficionados All Agree

So we believe that operational definition of damn cheap hotels for a scholar and a hotel aficionado would be “A damn cheap hotel is a hotel that offers exceptionally good value far above guest expectations for far below market rates. A hotel rate low enough that any reasonable person would generally not even consider that the hotel would be able to provide pleasant accommodations at such a fair price.”

Or put differently, damn cheap hotels must meet most if not all of the customer service and cleanliness standards of their not so damn cheap ritzy and ostentatious counterparts. If they do NOT, they are either damn lousy, damn ugly, damn stinking, or just too damn expensive to want to stay there. Damn lousy hotels are very different from Damn Cheap Hotels. Damn lousy hotels are just hotels that no one should stay in. Eventually they’ll just go away for lack of business, or be forced to lower their rates and elevate their service to become competitive.

We Separate Damn Cheap Hotels From Damn Lousy Hotels

To separate the damn cheap hotels from the damn lousy hotels ALWAYS READ the Hotel Guest Reviews.  Who else knows better whether the hotel is damn cheap or just damn lousy?  The guests that stayed there before you certainly do.  The most important information about the hotel is what the previous hotel guests have to say about it.  A damn cheap hotel can change ownership or management and become a damn lousy hotel in a relatively short time period.  Read the reviews; look at the number of reviews and the quality of the reviews, over time.

Be Cautious of Hotels and Hostels with a Very Small Number of Reviews

If you’re in doubt about the reviews, trust your instinct and look for a hotel or hostel with more favorable reviews, and more of them. Be cautious of hotels and hostels with a small number of reviews. This generally indicates that most guests neither loved the accommodation or hated it. It was probably just damn average and that's not what you are looking for in a damn cheap hotel deal. 

Your Experience Will Likely Be Similar to Others 

Once you arrive at the hotel you’ll be glad you did your homework, read the reviews, and made an educated hotel booking.  Your experience will likely be consistent with the experience of the majority of the hotel guest reviews that you've read. If you have a pleasant experience consider contributing your own review.  If it is displeasing, be factual and provide an unemotional fair review of the problem(s) and solutions, or lack thereof, provided after informing the hotels' management. Make sure that you have spoken with the hotel management to give them an opportunity to correct the problem (if it is correctable).

Everyone Needs a Little Feedback Now and Then 

Sometimes hotels will contact you directly to see how your stay might have been made better and this feedback gives them the opportunity to better train their staff and improve in areas important to their guests. It's also a potential opportunity for them to be able to make things right with you if they weren't right the first time. If they agree that they let you down, they'll want to retain the opportunity for a second chance visit and better review next time. Every one needs a little feedback sometimes. Use the hotel guest reviews to avoid the damn lousy hotels and get a cheap hotel deal.


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