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Just what Are Damn Cheap Hotels?

Everyone else calls it the "About Us" page. So to break with traditional, we thought we'd call it the "Just What" page. Damn Cheap Hotels™ has been around since 1997 when a single road warrior named Alex decided to start hundreds of his own private reviews of the cheapest hotels in the US. As a self-employed road warrior from Cleveland, Alex was out on the road 5 to 7 days a week. Sometimes he made some sales in his line of work and sometimes he played "hooky" and went fishing instead.

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Damn Cheap Hotels: Are They For Everyone?

So it isn’t entirely charity, although we do enjoy giving back a little something to the travel community that has been besieged by 5 star luxury, and penthouse rates that start at the sky and head straight for the moon.  Damn Cheap hotel rates start at the change in your pocket and head to the money left over in your jeans after a night of partying or a trip to SeaWorld. 

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The Wizard Of Damn Cheap Hotels

The real art and science of correctly pricing damn cheap hotels to sell and trying to make a little profit at the same time has to do with carefully managing the demand and supply curve for each participating hotel on a real-time basis.  Sure, we utilize the same fancy computer algorithms that help us to evaluate seasonal trending and historical data and occupancy forecasting, but when push comes to shove and a hotel really needs to fill rooms FAST we often get communications directly to our Inventory Manager. 

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Where Can I Find Damn Cheap Hotels?

If only it were that easy to just go to Hotels.com, Orbitz, or Travelocity and type in, “find me the damn cheapest hotels near me”.  Maybe we’ll make an iPhone application for that and we’ll all be able to ask Siri just that.  Not a bad idea actually, Siri would of course reply with something like; “I’ve used Damn Cheap Hotels dot com to check within a 5 block radius of your current location.  I’ve found the damned cheapest hotels available for you this evening.  Would you like me to connect you or do you just want to make the damn cheap reservation yourself?” 

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How Do I Book A Damn Cheap Hotel?

Its not as damn easy as you might think.  If it was, everyone would be doing it, right?  They’d just pick up the phone and call their travel agent or Hotels.com and bark out “give me a damn cheap hotel rate please”.  Not sure that that would be very effective, or even reasonable to the folks in the travel call centers working on commission that have to answer calls from those without the penthouse means or the fat wallets.  So we built a website to do that for you.  You don’t have to curse at anyone on the phone, you don’t even have to like to curse at people in general, it helps if you want something for almost nothing and you want to be able to do it fast and easy with the cheapest of expectations.

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Always Read The Damn Cheap Hotel Reviews!

So now that you’ve found the damned cheapest hotels on the Internet, what do you do, just go at it and conduct a search and book a damn cheap hotel room?  Hell no, not if you’ve read any of our other helpful tips and methods to book a damn cheap hotel room or suite.  In real estate there is a saying “location, location, location”.  Something similar applies to cheap hotels, really cheap hotels, extremely cheap hotels, and especially; damn cheap hotels.  But instead the mantra is “check reviews, check reviews, check reviews”. 

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Secrets Of The Damn Cheapest Of Hotels

The damn cheapest hotels are often hostels or dormitory style facilities with shared common areas, great for backpackers, singles, cross-country travelers, and lifestyle budget travelers.  Sometimes hostels are harder on families due to the social setting and reduction in privacy in the common areas. 

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How to Avoid an Ugly Stinking Damn Cheap Hotel

Yeah, there's just nothing that will ruin your entire vacation or business trip like showing up to your hotel to find out that what the picture (which is supposed to tell 1000 words right?) didn't tell you is that you booked an ugly, stinking, damn cheap hotel. And not only that but you're in a bad section of town where you have to unload your car and drag every last thing of value out of the car before someone else does it for you while you sleep.

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